Health Education

Marshall County Health Department Education


Our department has been awarded a Narcan grant in response to the opioid epidemic across the country.  We offer a short training explaining the opioid problem, what Narcan is and how it works, and how to appropriately respond to an opioid overdose.  The training also includes a free Narcan kit for all who participate.  We encourage anyone and everyone to carry a Narcan kit as the effects of the opioid epidemic are effecting every corner of America.  We are happy to do group trainings or individual trainings.  If interested, give us a call on our office line (574-935-8565) or directly to the Health Educator (574-935-8601).

Health Happenings

Each month an article is published in the Plymouth Pilot under the title, “Health Happenings”.   The articles will provide a few words on current health updates and recommendations beneficial to the people of Marshall County.

Health Presentations

If you are interested in the Health Department presenting on a health topic at your location or event, call the Health Educator (574-935-8601) to explore further details.  Some examples of presentations include “Tobacco Use and E-Cigarettes,” “The Common Cold and Flu: Know the Differences,” and “Addiction and Drugs.”

Topics for Further Information: