Marshall County Health Department Meth Clean Up Overview

Methamphetamine laboratories and precursors found in a residence, apartment or motel/hotels will be ordered unfit for human habitation by the health department per Rule 318 IAC 1 requirements and Indiana State Department of Health guidance. These dwellings are to be kept vacant until they are cleaned up and tested, or demolished.

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Rule 318 IAC 1 requires a cleanup and will not accept homeowners clean up or air out of a house as adequate. Clean up contractors and information can be found at the IDEM Website:

Inspection & Cleanup of Illegal Drug Labs

A certificate of decontamination will be issued by the cleanup contractor when the property is decontaminated. A demolition form is to be filled out and landfill receipts submitted if the structures are demolished.

The Indiana State Police will have residences, outbuilding, vehicles & properties posted.

In order to get a property off the Indiana State Police website, a  certificate of decontamination or demolition form & receipts must be submitted to IDEM. IDEM will submit the forms to the state police.

Articles in the home:

  • Soft material like chairs, couches, rugs, and mattress may have absorbed the methamphetamine and should be properly disposed in a landfill
  • Clothing can be washed
  • Hard surface like appliance and TV can be cleaned if ones choose to keep them


IDEM Former Drug Lab Clean Up

Flow Chart