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Marshall County Well Permitting Information

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Marshall County Ordinances:


Permit Applications:

Before purchasing a property, you should be sure that both a well and septic system can be installed & maintained on the property. If these steps are not taken, any investment on the property may be lost. Each site is unique and systems on surrounding parcels are not a guide to what is possible on your lot, in your soil, or allowed by current codes. For vacant ground you may want to be check on zoning to be sure there are not any restrictions on the lot (phone: 574 935-8540).

Steps to obtain a Well Permit:

Residential Well Permit

New Well Permits are issued for a new well, whereas a repair permit is issued for any repairs or other maintenance to an existing well.

Registered Contractor Lists:

All well drillers need to be IDNR licensed & registered as a contractor in Marshall County in order to install & maintain wells. Registration is based on the calendar year.


Permit Application:

All Marshall County well permits require the homeowner to submit a completed application before the permit can be issued. This application must be submitted along with the proposed well design and the relevant fee.


Resources Pertaining to Wells: